Leaving It Behind Program's

The Leaving It Behind Program Day The LIB Program Day is designed to help 32 pre-identified At Risk Youth, ages 8-17, become materially responsible and emotionally engaged in making conscious positive decisions that will impact their future. These same youth are encouraged and given the freedom to laugh and play and have fun as they learn to think outside of the box that they have been confined to and hindered by. Our youth partake in a full day of activities that put them through a number of exercises based on:
•Bond techniques
•Overcoming Peer Pressure
•Self Identification
•Coaching Sessions
•Reflective Techniques

And so much more…

We create an experiences that provides the youth with access to dynamic motivational speakers that help them not only identify where they are, but also reconnect with where they are going. Through group interaction, brief seminars and games youth are given the power to dream of the possibilities that await them. Program days are unique and change with the activities based on the location. All activities are designed to engage youth to grasp onto something new and leave their past behind.

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